AIZOME WASTECARE™ Industrial waste – certified as skincare.

Agency: Serviceplan | Client: Aizome 




1500+ harmful chemicals are used in textile production. Japanese startup AIZOME has developed a dyeing method that uses only water, plants, and ultrasound, to create textiles that are not only less harmful, but even come with health benefits. But how can a small startup stand out among all the sustainability claims?


WASTECARE™ — the first skincare product that is industrial wastewater from textile dyeing. Straight from the factory, the wastewater is tested and certified according to dermatological standards. Bottled and packaged like a high-end beauty product, it was shipped out to key opinion leaders in textile, fashion, and healthcare with the goal of forming partnerships to eliminate toxic chemicals in the industry.


AIZOME’s process doesn’t just eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in textile dyeing but also creates value, as the usage of medicinal plants results in textiles and waste that come with health benefits. Their process can change the face of textile dyeing and production. But first AIZOME had to find a way to stand out in a sea of sustainability claims. Which is why skincare was selected as the medium. Skincare is an intimate product, and in contrast to waste, it is regarded as something with value. By presenting waste as skincare, AIZOME is proving that even their worst was value, leaving one to imagine the effects of the textiles.

WASTECARE™ was shipped out to key opinion leaders in fashion, textile, and healthcare. The main goal was to collaborate with designers, producers, and decision and help make the industry more sustainable.


WASTECARE™ is a dermatologically certified skincare product. A few drops of organically grown natural stabilizers and preservatives (citric acid) were added to the original industrial wastewater to guarantee usability after shipping. Each stage of unboxing allows the user to get closer to the story of AIZOME through data visualization, fabric, and finally, the face serum.

The package is made from recycled cardboard, eliminating the need for an additional shipping box. Each side of the editorial folder uses data to illustrate Japanese plant-based dyeing and its reinvention with the development of AIZOME ULTRA™. The custom Ultra One type, used for titles, combines ultrasound frequency waves with traditional Mincho typeface, reflecting the unification of tradition and science.

200 boxes were exclusively shipped out to leaders working for brands including Adidas, UNIQLO, Pangaia, SKIMS, and more.


Launched as a limited-edition mailer, WASTECARE™ gained over 110 million media impressions while also generating interest from consumers. Thanks to popular demand, AIZOME is in talks with skincare companies to roll out the product to the public. WASTECARE™ was sent to key opinion leaders in textile, fashion, and healthcare, which resulted in a 94% response rate, 44 new business opportunities, and 3 new investors. WASTECARE™ delivered the ultimate proof: Even our waste is good for you.