Banknote Trees

Describe the creative idea

We gave centre stage to the trees found on banknotes all over the world. This striking, colourful use of the banknotes’ designs is both relatable, since anyone has had a banknote in their hand; but surprising, because this imagery is often overlooked. On the other hand, we slightly changed the brand’s tagline to keep familiarity but enriching the idea at the same time.

Strategy and Insight

The old saying goes “money doesn’t grow on trees”—but we found that trees grow on money, as they’re printed on thousands of banknotes worldwide. A relatable image that resonates with anyone who has held a banknote in their hand. Our print concept revolves around these trees to make a quick and thought-provoking connection that embodies EcoTree’s core message: “Forest can thrive and provide at the same time”. The key visual has been designed using blocks of imagery that can be easily rearranged for other purposes and channels such as digital, PR, website, and newsletter.