Agency: Ogilvy | Client: Deutsche Bahn


In an era of home office and online meetings, how do you inspire business travelers to hold important meetings on-site again and take the train to do so? We chose to tackle the zoom fatigue and frustration people experience when taking part in video conferences.  Like when your whole day is packed with online meetings. when technology is refusing to collaborate.


To bring the idea to life, we used the interfaces of famous video conferencing platforms, and turned the initials of participants into calls for help. Our idea reminded people that they can still meet in person and take an eco-friendly train to get there.


The target group of business travelers is a special one for German Rail. Precise targeting on the right platforms is essential for the success of the campaign. Therefore, we have chosen the social media platform LinkedIn. On German Rail’s LinkedIn profile German Rail business trips, the target group could not only watch our videos but also inform themselves about business travel by train. The outstanding results demonstrate – our campaign and strategy were a huge success.


Since we had almost no budget, we had to be clever. We filmed real team calls and changed only the interface to spread our message. We chose the social media platform LinkedIn to promote the videos and reach out to the target group of business travelers.


Our message convinced the target audience, the social campaign outperforming all previous benchmarks. In the specific target group of business travelers, the campaign achieved a total of 6.5 million ad views, the VTR being +17% above benchmark values. The engagement rate was 5.3%, which is 52% better than average. The click-through rate was 2.3%, which is 155% better than previous campaigns. All of this resulted in the lowest cost per click ever for business travelers, making them very efficient.

We also saw a spike in interest in website visits and positive sentiment. The campaign assets were much shared within the target group sparking a conversation about zoom fatigue and the benefits of meeting in person.