Happy Ramadan

Agency: Scholz & Friends | Client: McDonald´s 

Lions: Bronze (Outdoor)


6 million Muslims live in Germany. 82% practice their faith on daily basis. During Ramadan, the majority experiences stress because of the high amount of food images that wallpaper the cities.


Our target group was the 6 million Muslims living in Germany, for whom Ramadan is the most precious months of the year. To begin with, we investigated the validity of our campaign, asking whether it would be appreciated by the major representatives of the community. Once we had their OK, we realized the idea, eliminating food completely from our ads until Iftar. We used the power of our communication by taking our message to the main cities of Germany.


During Ramadan, we launched a digital OOH campaign that was perfectly synchronised with the sun. At sun rise, when Muslims must abstain from food, the delicious and tempting food items did not appear in our advertising. But when the sun set and every Muslim was permitted to eat again, the outdoor campaign revealed mouth-watering food photography.


So far we do not have numerical results, only those of the major religious representatives, like Burhanettin Dag, Theologian and Philologist at the Islamic Centre of Hamburg, with an interview in the Hamburg Mosque, some VIPs and ordinary people.