Legacy of Tomorrow

Agency: Metaverse Fashion Week | Client: Artificial Rome

Lions: Silver (Digital Craft) 


With Legacy of Tomorrow visitors step into a luxurious world of fashion in virtual space. The fantastic landscape resembles a vast canyon of white stone, providing the perfect backdrop for the extravagant fabrics. User can engage with other players in real-time and explore the interactive environment with a personalized avatar. This virtual event is the ultimate fashion experience, featuring top-notch graphics and sound, stunning virtual models, and dynamic animations. Attendees will feel like they’re sitting front row at a physical fashion show, with the added bonus of interacting with the environment and other players.


The cross-platform multiplayer experience, created in the Unreal game engine, is showcasing 16 unique fashion pieces from iconic fashion brands. With high-resolution pixel streaming, the experience is independent of high hardware requirements, ensuring seamless gameplay on any mobile or desktop browser.