Saved Memories

Agentur: Serviceplan  | Kunde: TRANSKLAR E.V/TRANS-IDENT E.V/ROSA STRIPPE 

Lions: Bronze (Direct)


After transitioning, many trans people cannot look at their old photographs. Childhood pictures from can trigger Gender Dysphoria; a condition when people feel their body does not align with their true gender identity. They also fear that old photo’s could be used by others to invalidate their gender identity. As a result, old photographs stay packed away. And with that all the precious memories of childhood.

Target the trans community and make them feel supported and understood. Remind them that there is a community of people and professionals that are there to help them through the challenges associated with transitioning and living as a trans person.

Advocate for trans rights and trans visibility. Educate the public and give deeper insights about what it means to be trans and how we can show respect and understanding to trans people in our society. Provide a meaningful coping mechanism against Gender Dysphoria.


The SAVED MEMORIES PROJECT is a digital community supporting trans people in recovering lost childhood memories with the help of artificial intelligence. Old childhood photographs are scanned and transformed with AI to align with the person’s true gender identity. As each precious moment is transformed, it becomes more comfortable to look at for trans people. At the core of the idea is the project microsite where people can see the inspiring Saved Memories documentary short film, get a closer look see the photographs up close and gain access to tutorials on how to use AI to transform their own pictures or those of a loved one.


Data Gathering

We observed the study on Gender Dysphoria at Cedars-Sinai led by Maurice Garcia, MD in 2020. We also researched Reddit and trans forums on the topic of “hiding old childhood photos” and found many people’s first-hand accounts of hiding pictures or being angry at family or friends for displaying them.

Target Audience

German trans people, their families, co-workers and the society around them


Remind trans people they are not alone in their journey, that there are allies that can support them and understand their needs. Create an online microsite to inspire and empower the trans community to transform their own pictures and bring childhood memories back into the light. Create a platform and documentary that creates visibility for the trans community and helps educate society on how to show them respect and understanding.


The project launched with 3 teaser trailers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube , drawing attention to the microsite. In each trailer our participants unpacked their old pictures and describe the challenges of growing up trans.

Next step was the premier of the official project film accompanied by 3 trailers on the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex Discrimination and Transphobia. The emotional 4 min film ends with the title “tell your own story:”

On the microsite, people get a close-up view of the pictures before and after the transformation using the AI platform Stable Diffusion. Here visitors can also learn how to transform their own pictures with tutorials from SAVED MEMORIES PROJECT A.I Director Jacques Alomo. Visitors can also learn more about the participants, the project and the NGO’s behind it. An invite to the SAVED MEMORIES Discord server gives people more A.I tips from the community.


165 Million contacts on the the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia, Intersex Discrimination and Transphobia.

Coverage by German mainstream news titles like Stern, Gala, Bunte, Focus, RTL News, MSN, Yahoo,

As well as LGBTQIA+ titles like Schwulisimo and

But the most pleasing result is the response from the trans and LGBTQIA+ community, who praise the project as something offering meaningful support for trans people. Many see the SAVED MEMORIES initiative as a viable coping mechanism that could help many trans people embrace their old photos without experiencing the pain and discomfort of Gender Dysphoria.