The New House of Communication

Agentur: Serviceplan | Kunde:  Serviceplan Germany 

Lions: Silver (Design) 


The new House of Communication of Serviceplan Group gives well over a thousand employees from a wide range of cultures nations and communication disciplines common home and is simultaneously an open meeting place for conferences events and parties. It takes the principles of New Work to the next level and enables employees to work in ways that are as agile, flexible and interdisciplinary as possible. But how can you provide orientation to them and create a sense of identity in such an open-plan space concept?


A typographic- and design-driven orientation and branding system that is just as creative and diverse as the people it was made for.


The new House of Communication and its new branding system offered the opportunity to convey and communicate Serviceplan’s diverse, innovative and creative mindset to the employees and visitors. Thanks to the highlight – the 160-metre long, 6-metre wide light carpet – this mindset was shared over and over again on Social Media.


Building on the brand-icon and the square grid of the interior, a specially designed

typeface, the ‘Service’, with four alternate glyphs for each letter, ensures that nothing on the new campus is ever uniform but that everything is unified. Pictograms underpin the vitality of the typographic system, which offers spatial orientation and simultaneously creates a sense of identity – from small to large and narrow to wide. With impressive elements, such as the floating word art, reminiscent of classic neon signs, as well as the 160-metre-long, 6-metre-wide light installation that connects all three buildings, it becomes a work of art that celebrates language and communication.


An orientation system, that is much more than an orientation system. It doesn’t just provide direction, but is also an architectural expression of the great diversity of disciplines, cultures, genders and identity at Serviceplan. Within just a few weeks, the highlight, the floating light carpet, became the instagrammable icon of the new headquarters.