Bonjour or rather Moin Moin?

Bonjour or rather Moin Moin?

We’re going live again! 📺

As the festival representative for Germany and Switzerland, we’re back at the Croisette for you. And because you can’t always be everywhere in Cannes, or perhaps can’t travel to Cannes at all, we’re serving you the hottest topics and trends. Directly from Cannes to your screen in your hotel, living room, office or wherever you can receive us.

After all, creativity creates added value, generates benefits and brings people together. And that’s exactly why we want to offer you the opportunity to soak up lots of creativity.

We curate, inspire and comment. And we ask the question of why: why is creativity important for brands, people and ourselves? Because creativity is an integral part of our industry. Our hostess Franzi Knoefel will be talking to high-calibre guests from the marketing and creative industries about creativity and the hottest trends in the industry.

There will be more questions and answers for you in Cannes!


We reported LIVE again in 2022. This time from our flat on the Croisette.

Check out the media library to see what our live format looked like in 2021 & 2022. Top speakers, top topics and top mood!

Auf ein Croissant mit Marianne Heiß & Susanne Grundmann

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